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Sunday, February 25 2018 @ 12:57 AM EST

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News ArchivesI would like to thank everyone for making it possible to bring the MR. ESL title back to Vermont. I could not have done it without the help and support of each and every one of you. Thanks again. Mikhael
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Mr. Empire State Leather 2006

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Congratulations Mikhael Yowe, Mr. Empire State Leather 2006

Mikhael Yowe, a charter member of the Green Mountain Leather Club, won the Mr. Empire State Leather 2006 title in Albany, NY, April 1st, 2006.  Mikhael is the second Vermonter to hold the title.  Furby, a founding member of GMLC, held the title for 2004.

April Fools?  I think not!

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2006 Winter Is A Drag Ball an Astounding Success

News ArchivesThe 2006 Winter Is A Drag Ball was an astounding success according to a letter written to the Green Mountain Leather Club.

In the February 23, 2006, letter written to GMLC members Furby and Dan to thank the club for its donation at the ball, Kathy Kilcourse from the Vermont PWA went on to say the Winter Is A Drag Ball was a huge success surpassing previous years.

Green Mountain Leather Club raffled off a gift basket at the event and donated half the proceeds to the Vt. People with Aids (PWA) Coalition.

The letter goes on to say this years funds raised are critical to the Coalition's summer Retreat for People with HIV/AIDS because funds are no longer received from the Department of Health. Kathy states the proceeds from the Drag Ball put the VT PWA much closer to the needed funding for the Retreat.
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Anti-discrimination bill in Montpelier

News ArchivesWednesday afternoon in Montpelier, I sat in the state house gallery and listened for the vote. In what turned out to be a very sureal and freaky situation, the bill was voted on and passed. It now goes to the Senate to start on its second leg of the journey.

Everyone thought that the right wingers were going to start a rukus, but the one that everyone was expecting to fight this got up and walked out as the bill was brought up for a final vote.

It was so freaky that we all just sat there looking stunned. No matter how it happened though, it is past one hurdle and trucking on to the next.

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Drag Ball 2006

News ArchivesWhat do you get when you cross a drag queen and a bunch of leather folk in one building in South Burlington VT? You get a drag ball that really kicks ass. Green Mountain Leather Club did just that. We showed that the Leather community, although still small, sure knows how to have a good time and make money for a great cause.

Saturday February 11th around 1:30 pm the Green Mountain Leather Club all arrived at DoubleTree Motel and did some socializing and preparation for the show. Furby, was going to do a leather fantasy at the show so some finishing touches had to be done. While we were doing this Boi Shannon,(Mr. Empire State Leather Boy 2005), Tiffany Jean both from Albany Boys and Girls of Leather.(ABAGOL-"pronounced a bagel", and Little Dan from STARS MC out of Albany NY arrived.

We all went over to Higher Ground to the Annual Drag Ball. In the process of working the crowd and selling gift basket tickets in our very first 50/50 raffle, we managed to raise over $280.00 which half the proceeds went to the Vermont Aids Coalition. We made some really good contacts and had a fun time doing it.
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Anti-discrimination bill in Montpelier

News ArchivesBill Lippert - Rep from Hindsburg is pushing a bill through the House Judicial Commitee.

This bill is an anti-discrimination bill protecting Gender Identity and Expression.

This bill will be added to the existing legislation. The new list will read: "race, color, creed, religion, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or national origin.

This bill is important to me personally and to all of us who believe that everyone should be protected from ignorance and hatred.

As soon as this bill leaves commitee I will post the names and numbers of everyones reps and senators and ask that you call them. Please ask them to vote yes on this bill.