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April 11, 2009 Multi-Club Bar Night Invitation --Boston

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I will be sending out a more formal invite after the beginning of the year but wanted to get something out so that you could put it on your club's calendar.

On Saturday April 11, 2009, Mr Boston Leather 2009, The Boston Ramrod, and CLAW Nation will be holding a Multi-Club Bar Night for Leather, Levi, and non club affiliated individuals. DJ M Arana will be playing hot music for the backroom and there will be room for dancing This will be a great night for people to gear up and come out for some fun and fellowship. As a CLAW event this will be a charitable event with all proceeds raised going to Queer Spirit Camp which is a young adult leadership development program now entering its fourth year.

For people traveling, there is a Howard Johnson's across the street from the Ramrod. Spring is a great time to come to Boston. I hope your club will consider coming out on April 11th.

I look forward to communicating with you after the first of the year with more specifics about the event. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or interest.


Tim Starkey
Mr Boston Leather 2009
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Commission Releases Same-Sex Marriage Report

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Montpelier, Vermont - April 21, 2008

After eight months of public hearings and legal forums, a special commission released its report on same-sex marriage. The commission did not make a recommendation about whether Vermont should legalize gay marriage, but it did conclude there is a significant difference between marriage and civil unions.

The commission heard from literally hundreds of people during eight public hearings, and one legal forum. It took all those opinions and basically boiled them down into nine findings and three recommendations.

In it's final report to the legislature, the Vermont Commission on Family Recognition and Protection finds that there is a significant difference between the rights and responsibilities granted to same-sex couples through civil unions, and heterosexual couples through civil marriage.

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GMLC Launches New Site

News ArchivesGreen Mountain Leather Club launched their new web site on Tuesday, November 27, 2007. The purpose of the new site is to provide a place to communicate with the community in an area other than the GMLC member site. The new site will contain news and community events for the entire community, not just GMLC members.

Watch for the new Community Calendar... coming soon!
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Uniform Party

News ArchivesHello Everyone,

Just an update on what we accomplished at the Uniform Party. The Uniform Party was about 150 +/- people. In that amount of people we were able to bring 3 storage bins full of food for VT Cares.

We also had our raffle which after all expenses were taken out we are going to give a small donation to VT Cares. I just want to say thank you to all the GMLC members whom came out and supported our group.
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Bear or Barony?

News ArchivesWhen GMLC was asked to be part of both clubs' big events we had to make a choice, be part of the Bear Film Festival or be part of The Barony's annual dinner making a notable appearance. So what did we do?
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Wall of Awareness Project

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R.U.1.2? Queer Community Center Launches
Wall of Awareness Project

October 1, 2006 – R.U.1.2? Queer Community Center launches the Wall of Awareness Project with hopes of raising awareness about discrimination, homophobia and acts of violence among Vermont’s LGBTQ community. This project will be open for discussion and feedback at R.U.1.2?’s Fall open house October 10th from 5 – 8 pm (34 Elmwood Avenue).
Each year Vermont’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Community faces issues of discrimination, homophobia and acts of violence. Many of these incidents go unnoticed by the general population. We here at R.U.1.2? Queer Community Center hope to bring public awareness to these acts. For one year, October 1, 2006 though October 1, 2007, our lobby will be open for victims to make anonymous statements about their experience and then post them on the Center’s walls. We ask that community members make a statement to make a difference.
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Camp Oneida

News ArchivesGreen Mountain Leather Club had 6 Members attend the Leather Weekend at Camp Oneida. It turned out to be a great weekend (rain excluded) with many friends and family made.

Green Mountain Leather sponsored the Afternoon barbeque with the help of Dan Hein from STARS MC and A.B.A.G.O.L "Albany Boys and Girls of Leather." We served over 200 burgers and dogs and celebrated Sal Perrone's birthday former Mr. Empire State Leather 2003.

Thanks goes out to Leonard, Ron, Fi-Ho aka Dave (ask us about this nickname), and Furby and Dan for working our butts off and keeping the crowds under control. Also many thanks to Dan Hein for the punch ingredients and Boi Shannon and Girl Tiffany Jean for the chips, and cake.

Mikhael Yowe our title holder was a judge for the Mr. Oneida contest. Camp Oneida was honored to have Mikhael as a judge. We are all looking forward to Camping trips next year and also for the trip to P-Town at the end of September.

Green Mountain Leather would also like to congratulate Chris and Christopher who were married over the same weekend. Best of luck to you both and we all are proud of your marriage.
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Anti-discrimination bill in Montpelier

News ArchivesThe Governor Vetoed the bill after meating with the religious Right wingers. He would not meet with any of us.

He said that it was too broad and was concerned.

Maybe if he would have discussed it with us we could have come to and understanding of terms.

He said that the HRC told him to veto it. They beg to differ and are kinda pissed about that one. They did raise concerns after talking with the religious right wingers. The right wingers have dubbed this bill the transvestite bill.

Bottom line....more political bull shit to keep fringe people in their place. Below everyone else.

Please remember this when you go to vote next time.
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Anti-discrimination bill in Montpelier

News ArchivesThe Senate passed the bill through the Senate last Wednesday. It went back through the house on Friday and is now sitting on the Governor's desk.

He is making noise about VETOing it because of some technical questions that he has.

PLEASE call him @ 800-649-6825 and tell him that we need protection for everyone in Vermont to be protected.

He will be making his decision today or tomorrow.


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OITM Article About Mr. ESL 2006, Mikhael Yowe

News ArchivesHello all,
Here's the article I wrote for Out In The Mountains, that will be published in the May 2006 issue about Mikhael Yowe's recent victory at Empire State Leather:

On April 1st, 2006, Williamstown, Vermont resident Mikhael Yowe was crowned Mr. Empire State Leather at a competition at Club Phoenix in Albany New York. The contest, hosted by the Stars MC (or Motorcycle Club), is described as being like the coming out parties or graduation ceremonies held by the non-leather world. The contest is a step on the way to more leather contests and titles and is a test of the contestants’ character and spirit.

Twice in the last three years, the title of Mr. Empire State Leather has been held by a Vermonter. Bill “Furby” Cross won in 2004 and Mikhael thinks that we keep winning because “we come from the heart, and we’re just us.” He feels he didn’t just give them what he thought they wanted to see, he says, “I was just me. We just do it, no hype, no crap; [We] just go out and do it.” I was able to speak with Mikhael recently about his title.